The production of strands and conductors made of aluminium and its alloys, finds its primary application in the construction of battery cables and wiring harnesses for the automotive sector.
Though most automotive producers use copper conductors, many companies started to use aluminium conductors, obtaining up to 50% mass reduction compared to traditional copper core cables.
Approximately 1 kg of aluminium can replace 2 kg of copper providing equal conductivity.
Achieving weight reduction in cables for automotive is a key goal in today and tomorrow vehicles, since it brings to lower fuel consumption and a major respect European environmental regulations.
Travar Tec can provide ropes and flexible conductors in aluminium and its alloys from a minimum cross section of 0,35 Sqm to a maximum of 400 Sqm. Up to 50% weight reduction compared to traditional copper core cables Key goal: lower fuel consumption.
Unless otherwise indicated, the conductors are manufactured according to the reference:
- IEC 60228
- ISO 6722-2
- LV 112-2